Your Certified Pristine Sources is a great starting place for Certified Pristine products.

Chocolate Bliss, Fiesta Mole & Rain Forest Rush are great Raw Super Food Synergists to start with. They taste decadently delicious and are easy to work with while you're mastering all the nuances of your own unique Raw Super Food Alchemy (creating your own Raw Super Food Synergists).

Why Certified Organic Means Less Than You May Imagine

Certified Organic is meaningless. In fact, it's a great joke with food brokers and other industry insiders. Certified Organic means at a single point in time a dirt sample was analyzed and it met requirements of the Organic Standards Act.

There is no guarantee the product you receive is from a clean field.

Even if importers spot check shipments, every single particle of product must be tested to insure purity. This is extremely complex as many companies package foods overseas and most testing methods are destructive. In other words, testing destroys product.

Certified Pristine solves this by...

Certified Pristine Far Surpasses Certified Organic

Certified Pristine is the next generation of certified food standard which addresses:

In the future we'll be adding:

Certified Pristine encompasses these and other energetic testing parameters. Check back for more information about Certified Pristine and companies serving their clients and customers with this immaculate level of product quality commitment.